Ten Tips for Working from Home

Are you working from home? Here at Arben we’re used to it after five years of working from home. Below are some tips that we’ve developed. Feel free to add your own.

  1. Enjoy not having a commute. Find something productive to do with this time – have breakfast with your children, write, exercise, hang the washing out, cook amazing meals. Whatever you do, don’t use the extra time to sleep in or play on social media.
  2. Make sure your workplace is comfortable. Good seating and lighting are essential if you’re going to be home for more than a few days. Make sure your screen is glare-free, so you are not tempted to print out documents to read. Choose a room that is well ventilated.
  3. Have your office phone instantly diverted to your mobile. There is no point having calls going anywhere near your desk phone if you’re not in the office.
  4. For all meetings that don’t absolutely need to be face-to-face, use some form of video conferencing (Zoom, Skype…), chat, or conference call.
  5. Make sure all meetings have an agenda and everyone has done their prereading.
  6. Follow up with email, including attachments.
  7. Make sure you know how to contact the nearest courier. There will be times when you need to send things out – some people still love ink signatures, paper proposals and reports.
  8. If you are lucky enough to have a home office, plug the kitchen jug into the office wall and use it when you want tea or coffee. The distractions of walking to the kitchen can be a major productivity killer.
  9. Take a lunch break at the same time as everyone else in the house. Sit down (outside in the sun if you can) and catch up, swap ideas. Don’t invite your devices.
  10. If you are sharing your home office, make sure to wash your hands with soap before using equipment. Wipe the phone, keyboard and screen with a sanitiser that is proven to kill viruses after using (there are a few, including a New Zealand brand).